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Payment and Selecting a Puppy 

Health Guarantee at the time of purchase

Gulf Coast Sheepadoodles provide a 24 month genetic and congenital health guarantee from the date of birth.

The breeder guarantees the puppy will be in good health at the time of purchase and will have received all relevant vaccinations and deworming medication. This guarantee is valid for 3 days after the date of pickup. 


During the 3 days, if the puppy presents signs of disease which may have originated from the breeder's home, the buyer must inform the breeder within the 3 days and have a written record from a licensed Veterinarian describing the dogs' condition. 

The breeder is not responsible for any injuries, illnesses, or death that may have occurred outside the 3 days or if the dog contracted the illness or injury that had nothing to do with the environment provided by the breeder. 

Parasites, worms, and urinary tract infections are common with puppies. The breeder has done everything possible to give the new owner a puppy with a clean bill of health.

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